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While IT platform and services today, are the essential ingredients of any organisation. Internet of Things (IoT) supported by AI/ML is now becoming equally essential to boost 360° efficiency of the organisation.

You have various needs and requirements in the IoT and IT domain. We provide solutions to all of your needs

Beyond Evolution has been a pioneer in developing and providing innovative Solutions since its inception. Today, developing innovative IoT solutions is yet again pioneering and is our Hallmark. Having also provided state-of-the-art Mobile Applications Cloud Services, BETS is well on its way into creating new landmarks in the domain of Smart Solutions particularly of “Societal Importance”. Smart Irrigation and Smart Crop Management are the key solutions under our Smart Village Umbrella. An early entrant, its experience in the areas of IoT, Mobile Apps, cloud services and focus on research based cutting edge technologies has helped it carve out a niche for itself.

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Beyond Evolution collaborates with some of the most recognized organizations in the industry. We are dedicated to establishing strong partnerships by providing the most high quality solutions to fulfill our client’s needs and requirements.

We began our journey with the Telecom giants like Vodafone, IDEA cellular, Reliance, BSNL and MTNL developing several first of its kind services in India. Aimed at improving the customer experience, these included a secure data backup application, an innovative photo editing and sharing app, and a SMS based encyclopedia service. This experience helped us cater to a diverse industry segment offering mobile, web and IoT (machine connectivity) services. Our team has grown with each client, many times working across their departments to integrate and digitize existing systems. Our experience has not only helped to address current industry requirements, at the same time also preempt future requirements. Over the years we have evolved the service offerings from mobile, sms, web, machine to machine automation, direct to customer IoT, to Industry 4.0 under which we partner with government & private agencies, academic and research institutes (domestic and international) working on smart city and smart village projects. Our endeavor is to use our collective learning to maximise the service delivery curve for our partners.

Our Wins

Air India Mobile Application
3.5 lac+ downloads, Gross revenue for client : INR 500 Mn+ (2016).
Top 50 Hot Startups
Voted as one of the startups to watch out for in 2017 by Economic Times.
Partner in EU -India Projects
Building International cooperation on trustworthy ICT.
Cooperation platform on future IoT.
Honda Connect Application
Chosen by Softbank’s team over tech giants, preferred for most optimal technology standards.
Betty- Smart Plug for Smart Homes
First B2C plug and play device in India that allows users to control their appliances using the mobile app.
Machine to machine tech
Solution for State Power Utility, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh.
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