Secure Backup is an end-to-end multi platform (Android, BlackBerry and iOS) mobile Data Backup on cloud solution for mobiles.It is a high utility service that lets you backup & restore all your mobile data from anywhere and at any time.

Secure Backup is an extremely simple & easy to use service, for having an always-on real time backup of your mobile data. You can also restore your data to a new handset in case of loss, theft or change of handset, all with a click of a button.This service also lets you access, edit, modify & restore your backed up data online from a pc.

Features and supported items:

  • Data Backup: Backs up all your mobile data i.e. Contacts, SMS/MMS, Photos, Video, Wall Papers, Ring Tones, etc. Secures all data automatically to a central repository server.
  • Data Restore: In case of loss of data or change of handset, restores data to a new mobile (regardless of handset model).
  • Data Share: Allows sharing of Photos, Videos.
  • Data Management: : Via mobile or through a PC online.