Mobile devices are increasingly becoming assets that not only hold personal information but are also most likely to get stolen.

One can't always protect their mobile phones from getting lost or stolen, but can surely ensure the safety of mobile data with Beyond Evolution mSecure.

mSecure is an ultimate Smartphone safeguard application that provides its users the ability to locate, track and erase data on their mobile phone in case it gets lost or stolen.

With mSecure the users can remotely:

  • Lock Mobile Device: By sending a simple SMS from any other mobile
  • Locate mobile Device: Users can view their phone location on Google map with accuracy between 1m to 1 Km (depending upon type of the device (GPRS Strength/ GPS).
  • Track Phone Usage: If a new SIM is inserted in the stolen handset then the application it informs the user about the new number and its call history.
  • Erase Data:As an ultimate safety measure to prevent misuse, it is possible to erase entire data on the phone.

Supported platforms:

  • Android
  • Symbian
  • Blackberry