Physical fitness and health consciousness is increasingly engaging the attention of those leading the fast paced urban lifestyles. Beyond Evolutionmobile healthcare provides a series of Personal Health Management solutions as a part of its VAS offerings, embracing the areas which need to be checked periodically viz., calorie intake and its utilization, preventive healthcare, health tips and much more.

  • Calorie Meter

    Beyond Evolution Calorie Meter is a comprehensive tool to keep your calorie intake in check. Depending upon age, gender, height, and lifestyle habits, Calorie Meter helps in:

    • Estimating the total calories in a particular food item/beverage
    • Deducing a person's daily calorie requirement
    • Estimating the calories burned during various physical activities
  • Generic Medicine

    There are several low cost and effective generic alternatives available for most of the drugs manufactured by the premier pharmaceutical companies. Yet these remain unknown and untapped as users are largely unaware about them. Generic Medicine provides information regarding generic drug alternatives which is comparable/equivalent to any other listed product of a given brand / reference in dosage form, strength, route of administration, quality and performance characteristics, and intended use.

    It also provides the following features:

    1. Constituents of the recommended 'generic' equivalent (example salt etc)
    2. Possible side effects (if any)

    This service is designed to address the needs of:

    • Patients 'on the move' who find the prescribed or preferred medicine not available in a particular geographical cluster and need to know the generic alternatives available.
    • Patients who are not in a position to afford the prescribed medicine and are on the lookout for generic options.
    • Dispensing chemists who would like to know comparable generic offerings in case of shortage or non availability of the prescribed medicine.
    • Medical Practitioners (Doctors, Specialists etc) who come across a new medicine name from a patient's history or otherwise but are not fully aware of the constituents, indications; side effects etc can obtain all the desired details as above.