An Intelligent Alerts System that allows Institutions & Organizations to send/ broadcast SMS based alert messages to a closed user group related to it - employees, affiliates or members. This may be necessitated by a variety of reasons, events or emergencies when the message needs to be quickly and assuredly communicated to people related to that Institution/ Organization.

By integrating with organization's existing IT systems (MIS, ERP, and CRMs etc) it can generate alerts to various groups in accordance with defined business rules which can be configured through an administrator panel. Following are the benefits Attento provides to organizations:-

  • Helps management in monitoring and improving organizational efficiency.
  • Allows scheduling of messages to people in various lists.
  • Works as an enterprise focused Alert System by interacting with respective database (large Corporate(s), SMEs) database seamlessly and generates a variety of Intelligent Alerts based on the rules and requirement defined by respective enterprises.

The above benefits provided can be customized to serve the needs of various sectors:

  • Health Care
  • Care Education
  • Automobile Insurance
  • Banking
  • Manufacturing
  • Power
  • Defense